Encapsulated switch-mode power modules

A series of cost effective and reliable AC-DC power modules with a wide universal input range in a compact, plug & play package. Ideal for a variety of smart energy solutions such as low power lighting, audio or thermostat controls and other home electronics applications, as well as industrial controls.

Key Benefits
  • Easy Plug & Play solution for low power applications
  • Long life: MTBF >1 million hours*
  • Compact encapsulated design
  • High Efficiency
  • Customizable
  • Key Features
  • Universal Input Range 85VAC-305VAC*
  • Wide ambient temperature capability -25℃ to +85℃*, full power output w/o derating
  • Low standby power consumption <0.1W
  • Protection Capability: OVP, OSP, OCP, OPP.
  • Compliance with UL/IEC standards
  • EMC compatible
  • * Available on HP series

    Available Configurations (Please refer to the respective Data Sheet PDF links below)
    Series Datasheet
    1 Watt Mini Series, UL Recognized BP01XXXXXW
    1 Watt Series Single Output ZP01SXX00WE
    New HP Series 1 Watt High Performance Series, UL Pending HP01SXX00WI
    New HP Series 1 Watt High Performance Series with Zero Crossing, UL Pending1 HP01SXX00WI-X
    New HP Series 2 Watt High Performance Series, UL Pending HP02SXX00WJ
    New HP Series 3 Watt High Performance Series, UL Pending HP03SXX00WJ
    3 Watt Series Single Output w/ Fuse, UL Recognized ZP03SXX00WA
    3 Watt Mini Series Single Output w/o Fuse, UL Recognized ZP03SXX00WE
    5 Watt Single Output Precision Series, TUV/CE Recognized ZP05SXX00W
    5 Watt Mini Series Single Output, TUV/CE Recognized ZP05SXX00WB
    10 Watt Series Single Output ZP10SXX00W
    10 Watt Mini Series Single Output ZP10SXX00WB
    1Patent filing pending